Choosing a School Uniform Supplier

Choosing a School Uniform Supplier

13 Nov 2023

School uniform is such an important part of school life. It plays a key role in promoting self-confidence, pride and a sense of belonging within school communities. These factors contribute to pupils' wellbeing as they eliminate the peer pressure surrounding fashion and clothing choices.

It is important that the uniform looks smart and doesn’t crease, snag or bobble too easily. It must also be practical so if it gets wet in the rain, muddy in the playground etc it is easy to maintain. Students are ambassadors for their school beyond the school gates too - as they make their way home on public transport or at away matches or indeed when other parents come to watch matches at school, so the uniform needs to make a good impression.

Perhaps you are the uniform decision maker within your school. If so you may have been tasked with the responsibility of a uniform overhaul or you may feel frustrated with the systems currently in place. Finding the right uniform supplier is so important both for schools and parents. There are a number of considerations to take into account when looking for a uniform supplier.


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A Cut Above

The quality of the uniform is very important. After all, children really put clothing through its paces. They are wearing it for hours every day and for all sorts of activities including the sometimes messy business of eating their lunch and hurtling round the playground. Fastenings such as buttons and zips need to be robust too. It is also essential for the little details such as the logo to be perfect - the colour combinations must be as per your requirements and new batches of stock need to be the identical shade! Request samples from a supplier for your peace of mind to ensure you are truly satisfied with their products before committing.

Flexibility is essential

A uniform supplier really needs to offer flexibility in various different ways. Ideally they have online presence but should also be available for in-person consultations and fittings. They should be providing a user-friendly online platform for parents to access. In order to place orders online parents should be given clear instructions regarding measuring up their child to ensure the uniform ordered is the correct fit - hopefully first time round. It is also helpful if parents can go old school - especially for the first full kit-out for their child - and have a face to face fitting if they prefer. One easy way for suppliers to achieve this is to hold regular pop-up shops on the school’s premises. You should consider what a supplier’s lead time is. Is there an express service that can be offered for urgent orders? What is the dispatch and distribution time on purchases?

One Stop Shop

You may find it most convenient and efficient for your uniform supplier to be able to provide all your uniform and kit including formal wear - blazers, skirts, trousers, shirts, cardigans, jumpers, ties etc and PE kit plus accessories such as hockey sticks, cricket bats etc. The advantage of a one stop shop is that you do not need to collaborate with different suppliers and parents only need to create login details, load up measurements and become familiar with one ordering and payment system.


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The Right Price Point

This should obviously be a consideration. A full uniform kit can really mount up in price so it’s important to look for value for money whilst trying not to compromise on quality. The cost of decent quality school uniform may seem galling to some but cheaper alternatives are often made with lesser quality materials and fabrics that are not as durable so you may need to purchase the same garment, more frequently due to wear and tear. It is possible to find a happy medium.

Excellent Customer Service

You should feel that you could create a rapport with your school uniform supplier as you will need to be able to trust and rely on them. Will you be given a personal contact who you can go to in emergencies or when there have been some issues that need rectifying? Will it be easy for parents at the school to get in touch with the supplier themselves if they have a query? People find it very reassuring to have someone on the other end of the phone if they have a problem or urgent query.

In it for the long-haul

At Blue Blood we have years of experience as school uniform suppliers and pride ourselves on excellent customer service which does not stop once you’ve come on board. We are with our customers for the journey, every step of the way. We can start the process of discussing your school’s exact needs and requirements, give our ideas and advice on styles and materials and once you have seen our samples and are completely satisfied with your choices then we can display and distribute your kit to your students. We offer a comprehensive package so you can select all your formal wear and sports kit from us which makes for a more streamlined service. Check out our latest blog on “Choosing a Sports Kit Supplier” for plenty of hints and tips around what to look for when considering your selection process for bespoke sports kit.

We are always delighted to welcome new customers but also appreciate and recognise our existing customers’ continued business and support. It is really heartwarming to receive positive feedback from our customers about their experience of working with us.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“We switched to Blue Blood for our uniform at very short notice, after our previous supplier went out of business suddenly. Dale and the team were so quick to swing into action, and have been incredibly flexible with our parents, attending several school events with a pop up shop. We have a very complex community of UK and international families, with vastly different requirements and purchase methods, so it’s been a steep learning curve for all of us trying to establish the most efficient process for everyone. But the Blue Blood staff have smiled throughout, and are rapidly becoming experts in the quirky little ways of our school!”


Lisa, D'Overbroeck's School


“Alton School have worked with Blue Blood for a while now and we have had nothing but great service from them. From the ease of ordering online for our parents, to the 'trying on days', to the communication and general service, we have never had a bad word to say. Dale and his team are a super friendly bunch and will go above and beyond to help assist both parents and sports staff alike.”


Beth, Alton School



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