Why Everyone is Opting for Personalised Workwear

Why Everyone is Opting for Personalised Workwear

22 Dec 2023

The trend for personalised workwear is ever growing and it’s easy to understand why.  In times past, personalised workwear might have been seen as purely functional but this is no longer the case.  Workwear can be designed with style and flair to reflect your company’s personality and at its best, customised workwear can be worn in and out of the workplace with pride.

Here are five good reasons why you should be considering personalised workwear for your company.

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Bespoke workwear looks professional

Whatever your business, personalised workwear will ensure that your colleagues look smart and presentable, creating the right impression amongst themselves and to visitors.  Whatever industry or environment you work in, from catering to construction or even if you run an office based business, there is suitable, customised clothing available for every job and company. Bespoke workwear is practical and comfortable as well as looking professional.  It also removes the issue of employees having different ideas around dress code - i.e. what constitutes smart casual/ practical clothing etc.

Customisable workwear worn with pride

Everyone loves to feel they are part of a team. It helps us feel that we are connected and encourages us to come together and support each other.  A collaborative working environment creates a positive vibe.  Personalised workwear can really help build team identity and help people feel part of something bigger. 

Turn your colleagues into ambassadors

Looking smart and professional in workwear means that your colleagues become ambassadors for your company.  The consistency of the clothing means that you can ensure your brand is positively reflected in everything your employees wear and wherever they are during their working day.  From polo shirts to fleeces, from tabards to outdoor gear such as trousers with reinforced knee pads, there is a huge range of customisable workwear available.  As a result, your colleagues are wearing gear which enables them to get their work done in comfort, whilst you get increased brand visibility.

Enhanced safety and identification

Even in businesses where safety is key, safety workwear can also be personalised.  This means clothing such as high vis vests, jackets, gloves and safety trousers can all be customised. This ensures that you can comply with any safety regulations or features required for each of your workers.  It can also be helpful in identifying specific team members and different specialist departments thus helping to create an effective and protected working environment.

Help customers easily get in touch

If you choose to display your company’s contact details on your personalised workwear then this makes it easier for people to contact you.  There are styles out there to suit every company so whether you choose a sleek and subtle design or something bold and attention grabbing to reflect who you are, you can be sure your bespoke workwear will help you stand out from the crowd and attract potential customers.

Contact Blue Blood for your Personalised Workwear

At Blue Blood we offer great quality, bespoke workwear in a wide range of colours, styles and customisable options to suit your business’s requirements. We have years of experience when it comes to supplying personalised clothing and are proud of our excellent customer service which does not stop once you’ve come on board.  We are with our customers for the journey, every step of the way.  To find out more about our range, get in touch with us via email at or contact us here.